Entrepreneur / Startupper

As I mentioned before (in Summary), one of my friend wrote about me once: Alexander is an entrepreneur with a rich experience in creating and developing successful Startups.

During the last fifteen years, he has been working in the informatics branch for Web Development, Saas (Software as a Service).

I like this characteristic, but I would add, that I’ve created and/or developed the next companies:

The first (was born in 1987) my company was - Prolog /SU/ (Software development) Then (1990) - Protek /SU/ (I’ve sold, that is, gifted it to Grigor Khachaturov and Vadim Yakunin)

1990 - Soviet-Swiss Joint-venture company Metatek /SU-CH/ (PC and Mac vendors, Jewelry production)

1995 - Orexport /RU/ (Jewelry import) 2000 - Host in Fly SA /CH/ (hosting service)

2004 - Croesus International, Inc. /CA/

2011 - ProVox Labs - CustVox AG - ProVox Group AG - SandSIV /CH/ (Saas, CXM)

2014 - AP Swiss SA /CH/ (Software and computer service vendor)


The main our (me and friends of me) inventors:

2003 - Wi-Fi commercial points (we’ve realized it in collaboration with Alexander Stefanovich from Saint Petersburg, RU)

2004 - Phone and SMS verification of credit cards transactions

2005 - Video-phone (phone-lines for audio channel and web for video channel)

2006 - Automated phone-marketing tools (mass phone-calls)

2005 - Interactive phone-surveys system (we’ve realized it in collaboration with Anatoly Kachan from Chernihiv, UA)

2007 - Smartsurvey - multichannel - phone / SMS / web - survey system (in collaboration with Stanislav Lipchansky, Anatoly Kachan, Alexander Stefanovich and Sergey Karamushkin)

2008 - CFM (Customer feedback manager) Phone / SMS / Web - survey system (in collaboration with Stanislav Lipchansky (UA), Anatoly Kachan (UA), Alexander Stefanovich (RU), Sergey Karamushkin (RU) and Taisiya Yerygina (UA))


I always had good teams in Prolog, Protek and Metatek companies. I’ve assisted Host in Fly SA and Croesus International, Inc.

But, I would tell, the best Team I had in ProVox Labs, LLC company (UA/RU/CH). I very appreciate all of them:

  • Alexander Stefanovich
  • Anatoly Khachan
  • Sergii Fedianin
  • Timofey Tereschenko
  • Stanislav Lipchansky
  • Alexander Khokhlov
  • Taisiya Yerygina
  • Sergey Karamushkin
  • Alena Serpetskaya
  • Tatyana Dyomina
  • Vladimir Kiryakov
  • Vadym Maievskyi
  • Igor Moroz
  • Yuliya Polyakova
  • Mikhail Sedletskiy
  • Cyril Mashchenko

I am very grateful to all of them and I very hope, that re-join to new my Team

I very like my current Team, with whom we are realizing the very ambitious project of my son Oleg Kheilik “Antiproblems”:

  • Alexander Stefanovich
  • Christian Staub
  • Matteo Hoderas
  • Alberto Gandolfi
  • Remo Zanda
  • Demian Rihs
  • Tetyana Sorochinskaya
  • Alessandra Altarui
  • Sergii Fedianin

We suppose that very soon in this project will be involved thousands of persons. In Switzerland and other countries.