One of the best my friend (Komal) summarized about me:

“Alexander is an entrepreneur with a rich experience in creating and developing successful Startups. During the last fifteen years, he has been working in the informatics branch for Web Development, Saas (Software as a Service).

His colleagues say, and external auditors confirm, that Alexander is a Team Leader who is used to build creative, professional teams with a real motivation for realizing innovative projects and reach established goals.

Alexander has a fertile inventiveness, and what is still more important, he is able to transfer his ideas onto a concrete level. Here are some examples of his creativity:

Management of web pages (including video streaming) by means of telephonic DTMF impulses;

Web transaction system with automatized telephonic or SMS control;

Original Wi-Fi time limited access system in public places;


His weak point is hyper optimistic nature with a tendency to give poor consideration to risks connected with operations”.

One of the first firms I have created – CV Protek (Moscow, RU) – is now worth $2 billions.

Another firm of mine, CustVox AG / ProVox Gropu AG / SandSIV AG (Zurich, CH) offers CEM/CXM services (Customer Experience Management) for upc cablecom, Sky TV, Emirates, CSS, Unitymedia, Medgate, Kabel Deutschland, and many others.

During the Nineties I was the main supplier of small religious silver and golden crosses for the Orthodox Church (Moscow).

At the beginning of 2000 I was one of the chief creators of a web hosting system ranking among the 25 absolute TOP of the entire world traffic.

I like these statements:

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.

© Charles Mingus

Understanding the few principles relieve from recording of many facts. © Granovsky Ya.I. Dr. Sc. (Phys.-Math.)

Professional Experience

2014 - now
AP Swiss SA
AP Swiss SA - Computer Rebirth Technology (brand name is Antiproblems). Chief executive officer. Creating the network of dozens Service Centers and a mass (hundreds) of AP Angels (freelancers who provide home services) in Switzerland.

2013 - 2014
Computer support service - Сonsultant for software development, production and support matters of computer services and web-site production -

CustVox AG
CustVox AG & ProVox AG (new brand name is SandSIV; Zurich, Switzerland): Chief product officer & chief technology officer, the Main Creator and Responsible for Product Management, Development, Product Support, Project Management and IT.

Products: Customer Feedback Management, Community Portal - FaceVox, WordMIner, VocHub.

Croesus International, Inc.
Chief product officer, the main creator and responsible for the following products and projects: Customer Feedback Management; Community Portal; text2spech; text-mining; multichannel (phone, sms, web, social-media) CEM/CXM system; demo.speaksurvey; new patented technology: managing web content using a phone channel - DTMF-signaling; In- and Out-bound IVR survey system; automated telemarketing system: phone, sms, fax, email channels; text2phone; phone, sms and email alerts; VoIP OPBX & IVR system for small and medium companies; phone and SMS verification for the web-registrations; one of the two main creators of the patented technology: VideoPhone (web+phone) allowing people to speak with call-center operators by traditional phone and establish a video-contact through the web; one of the two main creators of a paid Wi-Fi access point for public areas (bars, hotels, etc.).

Host on Fly SA
Chief operating officer - one of the three main creators of a very popular free web-hosting service. The hosting service had 18,000 registered clients (web-masters) and 8,000 active clients; 40,000 clients websites; 300,000 clients web-pages. In 2000 the hosting was in the TOP 25 of the World’s traffic producers

/OS FreeBSD (Unix), Apache, MySQL, Perl, C/.

Author and the main creator of one of the most popular web-services in Russia – the first free Internet subscription database for finding new friends (probably the first Internet-based social network in Internet)

/OS FreeBSD (Unix), Apache, MySQL, Perl/.

Out Planet
Owner, CEO, Software development
Jewelry wholesale company "Out Planet", Moscow: owner, CEO; software development.

Soviet-Swiss joint-venture company
Owner, CEO, Software development
Soviet-Swiss joint-venture company "Metatek", Moscow: main owner, CEO - jewelry sales; PC sales; software development.Apple Computer, Inc. official Dealer

Protek Ltd.
Owner, Creator
Protek Ltd. (Moscow) - one of the main creators and initial owners.

Scientific-technical cooperative "Prolog", Moscow: CEO - Sales of PC; software development.

Oil corporation "Dagneft", Russia: research manager; software development, team manager, computer science lecturer.

Architecture institute "Grajdanproject", Russia: designer and cartographer.

Professional skills

  • Product Development, Product Support, Product Management, Project Management, and IT Team Builder and Leader
  • Expert in Customer Experience Management Domain
  • Java Applications (enterprise, distributed, server side)
  • Web Development (different JS frameworks, HTML markup)
  • RDBMS (PostgreSQL, MySQL and others); NoSQL (MongoDB, Elasticsearch); BigData (Hadoop)
  • VoIP (SIP and IAX protocols)
  • Unix (FreeBSD, Debian Linux, RedHat / CentOS Linux, MacOS X server); Windows XX


Full professional proficiency
Professional working proficiency
Native or bilingual proficiency
Limited working proficiency
AFG & Partners Management Consulting
Ticino, Switzerland
Decision Making, Problem Solving, Communication, Negotiation, Networking
The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (University)
Dolgoprudny (Moscow), Russia
Computer-aided engineering
  • Degree Points: honors in all disciplines
Leningrad Mining University
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Geodetic science engineer
  • Degree Points: with honors of main disciplines: mathematics, physics and computer sciences


  • Internet technologies
  • VoIP and stream-video development
  • Сlassic Literature
  • Philosophy


  • Tennis
  • Cycling
  • Mountain skiing
  • Mountain travels
  • Swimming

Alexander is a very enthusiastic, energetic leader, with a strong competence in IT. And what I appreciated more: he's honest and candid in the relationship!

Alberto Gandolfi

As my immediate supervisor, Alexander Kheylik has proved to be the demanding and level-headed manager. He knows how to defend their opinions and, at the same time, listen to subordinates. Clearly chooses goals and means to achieve them. The open and highly educated people. He can excellent builds a relationships within the team.

Alexander Khokhlov